Are rooting apps properly root the phone?


Are rooting apps properly root the phone?

   Hellow friends, how are you ? Hope you are doing well. Are you interested in Android mobile rooting ? If you have enough knowledge about android mobile root , you can skip to next paragraph. Do you know what happens when you root your andoid mobile phone ? One most important thing is that when you root your mobile, you will lose the warrenty of your mobile even its a brand new or in warrenty period, when you root your mobile You can get access to the root of your operating system . There are some limits you can do with your mobile when it is not rooted, when you root your mobile , you can over come this limits and get unlimited access in your mobile.

   How to root an android mobile ?

There are many apps available in the app store (Play store) , you can download these apps and use this apps to root your android mobile . You can use these apps , some of these apps allow one click root .

Now the big question is , does the rooting apps helps to root your mobile completely/properly ? You don not need to worry about that , beacuse I am here to help you with your questions. 

Now a days , many mobile manufacturing company does not allow you to root your mobile at all. But if you have an old android mobile , then you can use these rooting apps to root your android mobile. I will also share some of the apps with their download link for you . 

The rooting apps use full permissions from your mobile to access the all operating system files and deletes some of the files to make your mobile free from the limit it had. Thus the rooting apps can’t access all the root files of your mobile 

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