AZ Screen Recorder Apk Review: Pros & Cons

AZ Screen Recorder Apk Review: Pros & Cons

AZ Screen Recorder Apk Review Pros & Cons sara axom

  Hellow friends , are you interested in playing online games ? If yes ,then you have tried to record your screen or gameplay . Now a days, Maximum phones comes with a internal built in screen recorder app. But this internal recording has some limited features only. The only way to get many features is by downloading Sceen Recording app. Today I am Sharing Some Features Of AZ Screen Recorder Apk.

  AZ screen Recorder is a High-quality & stable Screen recorder applicationfor android mobile that can be used for smooth and clear recording. 

Features of AZ screen recorder:

  1. You can Record your screen( Video games, Live shows, Video tutorials , or any other things .) 

  2. You can capture screen shots and edit image.

  3. You can Record Internal Audio (Android 10+ Required )

  4. Record Game Play with/without External audio.

  5. You can draw on your sceen to highlight some points.

  6. It has a built in video editor.

  7. You can Live stream your game play with facecam.

  8. Pros of AZ recorder:

  9. High-quality video recording: 1080p, 12Mbps, with 60 FPS

  10. No root needed

  11. No recording limit

Cons of AZ recorder:

  1. You can’t Record internal audio if you are talking with your team-mates in PUBG and other battle royal games.

  2. when you turn on mic nide the game, the internal audio recording stops working.

  3. Video editing & Rendering takes too much times.

  4. Its not recommended for low end Devices.

What are the main features of AZ screen Recording app ?

Screenshots & Image Editing:

AZ Screen Recorder Apk Review Pros & Cons sara axom

 AZ screen recording app is not only a screen recorder , it is also a video and photo editor . You can capture a screenshot with a single click from the app. You can stitch/crop a image using the image editor. Some Key Features of Photo Editor:

-Stitch photo: It can automatically detect and combine multiple images into one.

-Crop Image: You can remove unwanted parts.

-Add text, and draw on photo.

-Blur: Blur areas you don’t want to show.


  With the bulit in streaming feature , az recorder helps you to live stream your phones screen with audio in live streaming platforms such as YouTube , Facebook,Twitch and many more. You can use face-cam also while broadcasting your livestream.

AZ Screen Recorder Apk Review Pros & Cons sara axom

Video Editor:

  This app has an built in video editor. After recording your screen play, you can edit them with the built in video editor feature.

-Convert video to GIF

-Extract image from video

-Trim & Crop Video

AZ Screen Recorder Apk Review Pros & Cons sara axom

-Merge & remove video

-Add music to video

-Rotate video

-Add subtitles to video.

AZ screen recording app provies multiple features:

-Record Internal Sound ( android 10+ only)

-Play/pause screen recording

-Enable/Disable Facecam

-Shake the phone to stop recording.

-Draw/Highlight while Recording

-Transfer recordings and screenshots with your PC?laptop through WiFi.

How to record internal audio in any Android mobile ?

  There is a simple hack to record your internal audio. If you are using earphone, then you can keep the play pause button press and hold while recording your screen. It will disable your mic and start recording your internal audio.

FAQs about AZ recorder:

Is Screen recording Legal ?

  Well , this question have no direct answer . I mean you can record everything but there is something copyright protected video or other stuff , you should not record them because the owner haven’t allowed it for others to record and share. You can record for your personal use only.

Are screen recorders safe?

  Yes , screen recorders are safe until you are using it within the limit it comes. The security of an app depends on both the developers and the users. you have to find out the app for you to stay safe.

Does AZ Screen Recorder record audio?

  From android 10 , its records internal audio as well as external audio at the same time. But for bellow android 10 , you have to use some tricks to record your audio.

Is AZ Screen Recorder Free?

Yes , its free and can be download from google playstore . You can also click here to get the direct download link.

What is AZ screen recorder apk?

This is a screen recorder android app that can record what’s happening in your android phones screen.

Is az screen recorder chinese ?

No, this app is developed by developers of vietnum.

Conclusion:  Thanks for visiting . I hope you got your answer about the AZ screen recorder apk . You can check out more apps reviews in our site from bellow posts. If you want to add more premium apps review, leave us a message from contact us page. We will be back to you as soon as possible.

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