Best offline games for android || September 2020

Best Offline Games For Android || September 2020

Hellow friends, hope you are doing well. As I was browsing something in the internet and suddenly my recharge got ended and I was bored . Then I realized the importance of offline games.  Now a days smartphone is our best part to spend our bored times. We play many games , browse internet, read news and many more to spend our times. The maximum number of people around the world spend their time playing mobile games when they are boared. So today I am here with a list of top 5 android best offline games for you. I hope you will like my short list of the series. helps you to slove your problem to find out best app for you. read our more post.

1. Extreme Balancer 3

Sara Axom Best Offline Games For Android || September 2020

One of the best game for this series of top 5 offline android games for you. The reason of the game being no one is its interesting gameplay and its 3D graphics. You have to balance and move a large heavy duty balls from a starting location to a boat. You have to move the ball throughout a wooden bridge and the bridge is floating in water . You can’t escape from the bridge. The best thing about this game is its easy to use control . You can control the balls movement with two fingers. You can move in any direction you need to move your ball.

2.. Balls Out 3D

balls out sara axom best android games

Have you played real life puzzle games ? Its very interesting right ? Today I am here with a very interesting puzzle for your mobile phone that will recall your childhood. Rotate the puzzle maze to move the balls of the puzzle. Find tha way to withdraw all the balls from this puzzle.

Features of Balls Out 3D:

  • Control with one finger.
  • Different difficult levels.
  • Very interesting and cool design.
  • Bright Gameplay. 

3. Dig This

dig this sara axom best android games

It’s one of the best smooth game I have ever tried for this series of Top 5 Games. When I have tried this game for the first time I was bored . After sometimes I just realized the game and was addicted towards this game. The only reason of the delay of this blog from previous one was really effected by this game. I was too much addicted that I forgot to write the regular review for this series.

The story of the game is you have to dig the surface with your finger. There are some balls in the upper surface of the game place, you have to take them to a given place by diging the sand surface. Use your IQ and make a perfect tunnel to get the final position of your ball.

Features of Dig this:

  • Unique and inventive gameplay.
  • Easy to play.
  • Depending on physics.
  • 400+ levels
  • Increase your IQ and patience level
  • 3D graphics
  • Hints available if you failed to solve. 

4.Happy Glass

happy glass sara axom best android games

The story of the game is that you have to fill a glass by water. The glass is sad because it is empty, when you fill-up the glass the glass becomes happy and you pass your mission. The waters are stored somewhere above the glass . You have to draw some lines and make a perfect flow of these water to the glass. The lowest line you use the highest score you get. You have to win 3 star by using lower possible line and you have to level up. The game is very interesting and gives fun also. I have become a big fan of this game.

Features of Happy Glass:

  • Dynamic mechanism. Draw lowest possible lines freely to complete levels.
  • Its simple and interesting.
  • Lots of levels .
  • Relaxing theme . 

5. Bottle flip 3D

bottle flip sara axom best android games

Have you ever tried to balance a bottle by making a filp in the air ? Now a days the games are coming to your mobile phone from the real world.Here is a 3D bottle flip game for you which can make you happy enough. In this game you can perform bottle flip and also there are many challenges to balance your bottle in different surface. By performing flips you can experience different rooms , different objects where you can flip and balance your bottle.

Features of Bottle flip 3D:

  • Flip a plastic bottle in different surface,rooms, levels.
  • Tap in your screen at the right time to make a perfect flip.
  • Aligity , coordination and fun.

This game has a subscription system which is not necessary I think still you are not a hard gamer. Just play and enjoy the game for free.I think you should not spend money in these things .

Final words: I install more than 30 apps and use these apps for atleast a week . Then I came to a final review for you . When I play the games , I try extreme level because you are my guest and I care for you and your valuable time. So I try to find out all the possible reason to play the game. I try to explain these in simple English to make it easy to understand.

If you are having any problems to read , find out the apps , you can leave a comment below and I will try to reach out and help you within a day. For more recent series of top 5 apps , click here.

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