GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare 2022 || Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version for Free

Hellow friends, welcome to the new blog on how to download GB whatsapp Latest version (GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare). GB whatsap in the mostly used alternative of plain whatsapp that offers best features which are not availabe in the official whatsapp by facebook (Meta). In this article I will share How you can download the latest version of GB whatsapp without any hassle.

GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare 2022 || Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version for Free

GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world as it is the favorite app of all smartphone users because it is usually seen on everyone’s phone, but do you know what GB WhatsApp is and how to download and update it than GB WhatsApp?

If you hear the name GB WhatsApp and search for it in the Google Play Store, you will not find it because it is not in the Google Play Store. GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare So today we are going to provide you with complete information about GB WhatsApp and how to use it.

Gb Whatsapp gives the all required features as follows

  1. With GB WhatsApp, you can use other WhatsApps as well.
  2. In this you can copy and paste the status of others that are not applicable in normal WhatsApp.
  3. Multi-language support means you can choose any language you want.
  4. You can also get the multilingual translation function here.
  5. Here you can choose a custom theme of your choice.
  6. You can hide WhatsApp last seen.
  7. You can also block WhatsApp last seen.
  8. It can show you 24 hours online.
  9. You can change the start and notification icon.
  10. You can block any incoming call on WhatsApp.
  1. You can hide the second checkmark after reading the other person’s message.
  2. You can also design this grid template as you like.
  3. WhatsApp status can be increased to 250 words.
  4. You can select and send more than 10 photos at a time compared to regular WhatsApp.
  5. Gigabyte WhatsApp lets you send more megabytes of video to more people than regular WhatsApp. 16. It is possible to write the names of WhatsApp groups longer.
  6. There is WhatsApp lock feature.

18. WhatsApp Custome fonts and Anti Revoke feature have been provided.

  1. You can enter your password when chatting with your friends.
  1. Like the WhatsApp Business app, Scheduled Messages and Auto Reply are included.
  2. In GB WhatsApp you get DNA function, eg. H. Do not disturb and this is quite commendable, except that you will get to see many more features in it.

GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare

As we said, if you use GB WhatsApp, you know that there are new updates coming out all the time, which you have to update again and again. GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare.

There are three ways to update it, we will tell you that you can update GB WhatsApp as you want, so let us know.

Get Updates Over POP Notifications

Receive updates on WhatsApp via POP notifications. If you receive this POP notification, you will need to click on it to update or download and install the new WhatsApp version. This is the easiest way. GB Whatsapp Update Kaise Kare.

Manually Check for Update

If there is a WhatsApp update, or if you suspect a WhatsApp update, go to GB WhatsApp settings, check for WhatsApp updates and follow the prescribed steps to update and update WhatsApp from there.

Update from GB Website

If you are not getting GB WhatsApp updates even after using the above mentioned methods, you will need to go to their website and download the latest version from there and install the latest version of GB WhatsApp from where you need to download it. You will get a link. , the update method is as follows.

Step – 1 First to download Latest GB WhatsApp, download it by clicking the button below.

Step – 2 GB Whatsapp 7.70 is a new updated version with a size of 54.7 MB, if your internet is fast, the download will take 1 to 2 minutes.

Step – 3 After downloading the app, enable anonymous sources from the mobile settings to install and install it.

Step – 4 Now you need to confirm it by entering your mobile number

Step – 5 Now that your GB WhatsApp is fully ready, you can use all its features.

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So friends, I hope by reading this post you will understand what GB WhatsApp is and how to download and update it. If you like our post, be sure to share it with your friends and if you still have questions, comment for us.

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