Get ready for TikTok mini-games, currently in early testing in the app

It’s the latest video platform to get into gaming after Netflix

There is big money in gaming, so it’s unsurprising to see many major tech companies wanting to enter the market. TikTok is now one of those opportunists, and it has been testing a pair of mobile mini-games on its platform for months after entering into a partnership with Zynga last year. Now, the app has not only expanded its games catalog but is also broadening testing.

In recent weeks, some creators in select markets (including the US) have seen a new “MiniGame” option after tapping the “Add link” button that allows adding one of nine games into their videos. Viewers can then play these games when they fire up the link that appears under the account’s username while a video is playing. Users can even record their gameplay and post it as a new TikTok.


While none of the games have ads or offer any purchasable in-game items at the moment, they may be added once the project reaches later stages of testing. Currently, the focus is on studying how creators create content around the new games and the engagement from viewers.

TikTok is looking to add even more mini-games to its list and is working with third-party game developers and studios to make that happen, according to a spokesperson for the platform (via TechCrunch). Current partners include developers Aim Lab, Nitro Games, FRVR, Voodoo, and Lotum. With this initiative, TikTok will join the likes of Apple, Google, Netflix, and multiple other tech companies pushing into mobile gaming.

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