Lamour App Review || Is Lamour App Fake or Real Quora

Lamour App Review || Is Lamour App Fake or Real Quora

    Hello friends, thanks for visiting Hope you are doing well. Today I am going to share my experience of using the Lamour Dating app. I have installed the app from the google play store itself to check the features of the app. Now I am going to share my experience on using the Lamour app, Review. Read till the end to know Lamour app review fake or real.

What is Lamour App?

    This app is basically for 18 plus users and is used to find online friends. This app helps to find out girl or boy to date. According to the publisher, Lamour is the most effective dating app ever. Users can meet, Match, and also can video call random people from anywhere in the world. As the things are not the same we see or hear from advertisements, they are very different. Read full Lamour app review quora.

Lamour app review fake or real || Version 2.1.0

Features of Lamour app

    Lamour app helps you to find out about our dating partner easily within a few minutes of joining the application. The philosophy of the Lamour app is making females on the app initiate the chat first. Thus it makes it easy to chat with random/strangers more easily and have fun.

– You can Meet strangers & Random people from all across the world.

Send gifts & spread the love:

-You can Impress your date, interest, or crush by sending them gifts, you can shower your love. 

 Lamour has no awkward introductions:

-Start with live chat or video call with anyone from anywhere.

Find a date near you:

-Location and interests-based matching.

Precision matching:

-Precision matching with their advanced algorithms will keep finding matches for users.

Dating unlimited:

-You will never be alone, all users will ever need is more time to chat with their friends.

Exciting love life:

-You can find dates locally, you can make friends globally, and begin your love life.

Dating without borders:

– Are you afraid to chat with foreigners? Lamour app has an inbuilt auto translator.

Express your love in any language:

-Language is not a barrier to you anymore, you can chat confidently with built-in auto-translate.

LAMOUR VIP membership benefits:

1. Get access to all users and most of the features:

a. Chat with anyone, no need to match. You can send text messages, pictures, voice, and videos to anyone.

b.Get recommended to more users of your preferred gender. Shine with the “VIP” logo!

c. Talk to users from anywhere in the world.

d.You can initiate real-time voice & video calls with anyone.

2. Purchase diamonds.

a. In-app Diamonds are used to initiate or receive video and voice calls.

b. Users can buy virtual in-app gifts with diamonds and present them to the users whom they are interested in.

Is it worth taking lamourVIP membership?

    Now the biggest question that comes to everyone’s mind after downloading the app. Is Lamour app real or fake? Well, I am here to answer your question.

    If you can buy the VIP membership, you should go for it or not? This app shows that iit’sfree in their ads to video chat with random people, but when you install the app, it asks for a VIP membership costs 199 INR/month to use the features. This app is designed & developed by the Lamour team and Lamour is a Chinese app. If you are searching for true partners for life, search on other social media sites. Many users say that the app is fake and it is not that much easier thus shown in their advertisements. The Lamour app Review is fake and will cost your time and money and you will be spammed with automated messages from bots.

    It’s a common goal of advertising to show extraordinary things to attract users to install and buy the VIP membership. This is a trap to earn money by forcing users to take VIP membership to see live video calls and chat with the girls. You can’t even chat with anyone before buying the 199INR/month VIP membership. If it’d be better for you if you don’t buy the VIP membership. Because it’s not showing you, beautiful hot girls, as shown in the advertisements. These girls are only used to attract you to buy the Lamour VIP membership. Read till the end to know Lamour app review quora.

    There are many free dating apps you can use for free, here is an article about the free dating apps on your site, you can check it out.

     Some of the VIP users said that this app is fake and they don’t find any friends from the app after using more than one month. But when you read the reviews on the play store app, you will only see positive reviews about the app. Because the maximum of the reviews is biased against the app and in the play store app, it has a rating of 4.3* rating as of 23/07/2020 and has more than 10Million+ users. You will come to know that there is a maximum of 20% real girls and 80% of the girl’s accounts are fake I mean these accounts are used by the Boys(Male). You will come to know is Lamour app real or fake.

    The UI of the app is not also that interesting that can keep you in touch with the app. There is something more to buy to make video calls with girls. You have to buy in-app coins to make a video call with the girls.

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Note: Lamour App is a worthless and fake app. After installing the app you will start getting many messages from girls/boys which are blurred.  You will be asked to pay money to view them. When you pay the money will then find that the messages were from bots you will never get a replay from them.

Summary of lamour app review fake or real:

    When I installed the app and used the app for bout 1 week with the VIP membership, I found nothing special in the app. Many alternatives are also made in India and also give free service to use. After installing the app, they immediately started to send me a notification that are not related to my choice. I think this app is totally fraudulent and just making the users fool and looting their money. My advice is not to use the app at all. You can go for other alternatives.


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