Spotify introduces Friends Mix, its newest feature for creating personalised playlists

Everything truly is better with friends. At least Spotify seems to be going off on that tangent, hence the newest feature being added to the streaming platform – Friends Mix.

We have all been there – mindlessly scrolling through our Spotify playlist just so that we end up listening to the same 5 or so songs on repeat… again. A nice way to circumvent that conundrum is going to Spotify’s home screen which offers a plethora of ways to experience new music.

Enabling users to engage with new artists and titles is one of the biggest selling points of Spotify. Hence, the company has done its best to refine its personalisation algorithm in an effort to create interesting customized playlists for its users.

Friends Mix is just the newest personalized playlist option to come to Spotify. The feature was announced by Spotify

The Friends Mix feature builds upon Spotify Blend, an option already available to users which allows them to generate mixed playlists by inviting a friend. Once your friend accepts the invite, Spotify will create a special playlist based on the music preferences of both users.

Friends Mix takes this idea one step further. Once you have… blended… with at least 3 other users (it seems that for Spotify 3 makes a party) the Friends Mix option will become available. This will generate an entirely new customized playlist in the “Made For Us” hub. There, users will be able to find a selection of music combining all of their friends’ tastes.

The Friends Mix is updated daily, which means that users will always be able to find something fresh to listen to. As an added bonus, they will also have a nice conversation starter when they meet up with their friends. What is there not to like?

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