The Best Offline Games in Android 2020

Sara axom The Best Offline Games in Android 2020

The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 : Part 1

 Hellow my dear friends , thanks for visiting . Today I am going to share about top 5 best offline games for android mobile. You can play them in iOS also. I have added all the possible pros ans cons of these games for you after using these apps for couple of days. I think you will like the best offline games in android 2020 list.

Shortlist of the offline games

  1. Hill Climb Racing
  2. Pool 8 Offline
  3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  4. Temple Run 2
  5. Shadow Fighter 2

1. Hill Climb Racing (best offline game 2020)

Hill climb Racing The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 sara axom

 Hill climb racing is a 2D offline racing game . you can play with various cars, bikes , trucks, and also even with bus , tractor With which you have to complete missions . There is about 29+ vehicles which you can be unlocked by coins. You can increase the power of the engine , wheels , wheele-base, in air control and many more. You can also choose where to play. You can play in a tolat of 28+ various maps. All the maps can be unlocked by in game coins. The more you will play , the more you will earn coins and diamonds .

Pros of Hill climb Racing Offline Game:

  • Play whenever & wherever
  • 29+ vehicles can be unlocked and can be laveled up
  • 28+ stages(maps) which are endless
  • Can be play in both low end and high end devices
  • available in both android & iOS
  • You can build your own dream car

Cons of Hill Climb Racing app:

  • 2D graphics only
  • same audio in all stages
  • No HD grapics

Conclusion: I personally love to play this game. I am playing these game from very long time. If you have enough time to search for more new games , you can definitely go for the Game. It will keep your mind refreshing . This game is very addictive & interesting .

You can use Mobizen Screen recorder to record your gameplay.

2. Pool 8 Offline ( Best Offline pool game)

Pool 8 offline The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 sara axom

 Have you ever played 8 Ball poll or 9 Ball pool ? If yes then this game is very easy for you . As the 8 ball pool by miniclip is a online game , today I am here with a new offline 8 ball pool version for you. The game I am taking about is developed with realistic 3D shadows. You can also play with computer as well as with your friends in realtime. There is no ingame purchase in the game.

Pros of Pool 8 Offline 2020:

  • Realistic 3D shadow

  • Attractive Ball pool and board

  • Local multi-player mode

  • Challenge mode

  • Totally free: no in app purchase

Cons of Pool 8 Offline:

  • Graphics doesn’t looks like realistic

  • some time’s the game hangs

Conclusion :You can give it a try . The game is very interisting and it will be very helpful and entertaining for you when you suffer internet issue .

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 sara axom

 Asphalt 8 is the lower version of asphalt 9 by Gameloft SE video game developer company. You can race with your luxurious dream car and you will be able to performe various stunts by your car while raning in the game.It has over 260 cars wich are high performance . You will find lamborghini , Bugati , Ferrari, and BMW cars inside the game. It has Over 60 racing tracks with 16 different settings. Race with Computer (AI) or with online multiplayer as well.

Pros of Asphalt 8 Game

  • Have more than 260 high speed cars.

  • 60+ different racing tracks

  • fly into the air by hiting the ramps

  • Bikes are also available

  • Many hidden shortcuts to discover

Cons of Asphalt 8 AIrborne game

  • Too many ads

  • you have to own cars by winning races.

  • Game hangs sometimes in low end devices

4. Temple Run 2

temple run 2 The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 sara axom

 I think there is a very low chance you haven’t heard abot temple run mobile game. Once it was a very popular among the android users and that craze is still alive among people. In this game you have to play and take your player to the long distance as much as you can take it . The longer you go , you will earn more coins and your running speed will also be increased . you have swipe left or right to change your roads you have to swipe forward to jump , swipe down to go prone & drift under the obstacles. You have to face various obstacles , you have to save your character from hiting the obstacles . You will also be followed by a giant which wll kill you if you got caught by him.

5. Shadow Fighter 2

Shadow fighter 2The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 sara axom

 This game is developed by Nekki video game developer company . This game is totally made of shadow only. your character will be a shadow only and you have to complete you missions in the game . This game has various interesting fighiting stunts for your character. you can plunge into  an epic combat fight sequence. there are a total of 6 different worlds where you have to visit in the game to complete your missions.Your fighter characters power can be improved by playing matches and yo can winn nunchacku, epic swords, magical power, armor suits and many more to earn.

Final Words:  If you found here anything usefull , dont forget to share this page with your friends , if you have any question regarding any of this apps , leave a comment bellow and we will be back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for visiting

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