The Best Offline Games in android 2020

The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 Sara AXom

  Hellow dear readers, thanks for visiting . Hope you are doing great today. Now a days gaming in android mobile is becoming popular day by day. As the number of android mobile user’s are increasing day by day , android game / video game developers are lunching new games very frequently. As per statistics , 100+ new games are being published in google playstore daily. Now its becoming to difficult to find out best game for you from palystore. So you are searching here in google for the best offline games in android for you to spend your free times.

 You don’t need to worry about Your query anymore , because I am here to help you to find out the best android game 2020 for you during this lockdown period. Stay connected with us , We will help you to find out best game for you.

The Best Offline Games in Android 2020

    Shortlist of the offline games

    1. Sci Fi Tower Defense 
    2. Cover Fire 
    3. Ninja Dash Run
    4. FPS Task Force 2020
    5. Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

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    1. Sci Fi Tower Defense

    The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 Sara AXom

    Sci Fi Tower defense is the best tower defense offline  game for android. You have to Defense your village by making towers to protect it from attackers . You can level up your Towers and make them more powerfull. There is about 80+ levels to complete. You have to be very careful while placing your Defense tower’s . If you can’t place your towers correctly, you will not be able to defense your territory . Your main aim should be to protect your territory from attacker’s .

    Features of Sci Fi Tower Defense

    • It have 80+ levels
    • Customize towers to fit your strategic plan
    • Find ultimate combos as Modules can amplify each other’s performance
    • Attackers have special abilities that can destroy your defences.
    • Plan your defense & adapt to the battlefield as the level transform itself during the battle
    • Modular elements can give your tower additional unique effects such splash or income or critical strike.
    • Elements gives you special perks and bonuses against certain enemies.
    • Change layout by building your towers on the path of space monsters
    • Beautiful graphics
    • combinations possible

    2. Cover Fire 

    Cover fire logo The Best Offline Games in Android 2020 Sara AXom

    According to the users , this is the best offline shooting game ever made by Garena games video game developer company . This game also have online multiplayer mode and offline mode also. In offline mode , you have to play with AI(computer) as your opponent . Cover fire by garena games offer you easy controls & it is developed in realistic 3D graphics. Find out your best gun and start completing your offline missions. Complete your missions and increase your game level. 

    Features of Cover fire offline game 

    • Both online and offline mode available
    • 12 different chapters with different stories .
    • Easy controls , can be customized
    • Offline zombie mode gameplay
    • Can be played in low end devices also
    • Realistic 3D graphics

    3. Ninja Dash Rush

    Ninja dash sara axom The Best Offline Games in Android 2020

    Its a perfect time killer for every one. NInja dash run is an epic arcade offline game where you will have to unlock many Ninja’s and also can upgrade your ninja level. Its very easy to play . When you click on your left side  screen , your character will double jump and whe you click right side screen , your character will attack your enemy. that’s all about control of the game. You can perform combo in order to earn cons and gems which can be used to upgrad your ninja level and ninja’s power. 

    Features of Ninja Dash Rush 

    • Defeat all kind of enemies in this arcade game
    • Unlock new and powerful ninja
    • 8 different animie  arcade scenarios with epic adventure levels
    • Both online and offline mode available
    • Very easy controls

    4. FPS Task Force  2020

    FPS Task Force sara axom The Best Offline Games in Android 2020

    FPS Task Force 2020 is recently realesed offline shooting game . It became very popular within a few days because it offers very unique environment and so many actions. The story of the game is , You are a new chief commander of a army and you are a well trained military special member. You will have to face various difficulties but you have to overcome all the difficulties. This game will add online multiplayer mode in the game very soon, from where you will be able to play against real human . 

    Features of FPS Task Force 2020

    • Challenging first-person shooter levels
    • Sharp controls, impressive graphics
    • Realistic and challenging FPS games
    • Variety of weapons and rifles to combat
    • Engaging PvP battles

    5. Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

    mini militia sara axom The Best Offline Games in Android 2020

    The mini militia was a very famous offline game which  can be also played with local multiplayer with wifi or lan conection. It is a simple 2D shooter game where you were droped in a small and easy map where you have to find out our enemies and kill them, Now a days you can play with online multiplayer also. But as we are discusing about offline games , so lets know about the offline uses of this game. It can be played offline with computer and you have to kill the computer generated fighters, attackers. You have to protect youself from The attackers . You can customize your character any time you want. 

    Features of Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

    • Online multiplayer with up to 6 players
    • Intuitive dual stick shooting controls with jetpack flight
    • Over 20 maps to explore
    • Wide range of modern and futuristic weapon types
    • Offline Survival mode

    Conclusion: Thanks for reading till last . Generally I write All the reviews after using the apps at least 7 days. I Youse Many more apps from playstore and check their comfortabilities and then short out this Top 5 Apps Or games . You can give it a try after reading my review and I hope you will found it very usefull. If you have any doubt , you can directly messase us from contact us page or leave a comment bellow. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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