Top 5 android Games 2020 || Best Games 2020

Top 5 android Games 2020 || best games 2020 sara axom

Top 5 android Games 2020 

 Hellow friends , how are you doing ? Today I am going to share about top 5 android games 2020. You shloud read the all pros and cons of all the games I have mantioned In this post. I have tried to explain all the pros and cons in details. I have tried this all games in my own phone and I cam to final review of the games. Hope you will like my collection.

Short list of the Best 5 Android games of 2020

1. PUBG Mobile

2. Call of Duty

3. Garena Free Fire

4.Clash of Clans

5. Legends of Runeterra


1. PUBG Mobile{Best mobile game}

Pubg Mobile top 5 android games 2020 sara axom

  Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is a Battle royal action Game. If you have a android smartphone , I am sure you have atleast heard the name of PUBG game from someone. Now its the best Game wolrdwide played. Its a multiplayer game which can be played amongst random people or even with with friends. PUBG mobile online game is developed by a South Korean Video game development company named Bluehole. You can say this game is inspired by Battle Royale film(2000 ,Japanese) . This game has various maps where you can choose if you want to play in solo or duo or squad mode. The best and famous map of the game is known as Erangle. In this map , there will be about 100 players and they were droped in a 6KM × 6KM are island. Where the final player/squad will be the winner and they will get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Developer team of pubg mobile:

Pubg mobile online game is developed by the Bluehole group of development company based in South Korea. Its also a part of chinese company Tencent Games corporation. Tencent is the media and promotions partner of Pubg mobile online video game.

Pros of Pubg mobile: best online game

1. This Game can release your depression.

2. This game is very interesting.

3. You can play and talk to your teammates and also you can talk with your enemies if they are closer to you.

4. There are various maps to play and various places to explore.

5. Free on Android / iOS .

6. You can experience true 3D audio and HD graphics if your device supports.

7. Variety of modes: you can choose where you want to play .

8. Always you will get new challenges and events.

Cons of pubg mobile:

1. For high end mobile only. You can’t play it in low end phones.

2. In game purchases prices are very high.

3. Needs highspeed network, stucks in slow network .

4. Very addictive game.

5. Apps size is too big . You will need about 2 GB to download it from playstore.

Conclusion: If you are interested in mobile gaming and have a mid-range to high-end mobile (RAM more than 2 GB) , you should give it a try . But you should not take it very seriously. Its only a game . Just play and relax your boring times. You should not sacrifices for the game . There is a very change to become famous by streaming your gameplay in youtube or other streaming platforms. But you might have to be a good(pro) player.

2. Call Of Duty Mobile game

Call of Duty top 5 android games 2020 sara axom

You may have heard somewhere about this game. Call of duty mobile game is designed for mobile Players where players will be droped in iconic multiplayer maps . You can play & enjoy the game from anywhere, anytime. As PUBG mobile , this game also have 100 players Battle Royale Mode. Also it has a Team death match mode with a limit of 5vs5 players. It also offer a HD graphics with customizable control buttons.

Pros of COD Mobile:

* You can spend your boring time.

* Solid gameplay

* Made in California 😊

* Customizable control

* Competitive & Social Play

* Easy UI etc.

Cons of COD Mobile:

* For higher RAM mobile only.

* Can’t play on low RAM mobiles.

* App size is too big

* Needs highspeed internet.

* In app purchases are too high.

* Many bugs

Conclusion: you can give it a try . If you have a android phone of RAM having more than 2GB , you can give it a try.

3. Garena Free Fire {Highest downloaded game}

Garena free fire top 5 android games 2020 sara axom

 Free Fire is the highest Downloaded game in the world . The main reason for that big number of Download is that the game can be played in any android mobile . It requires as low as 1GB RAM to play. Like PUBG mobile and COD , this is not a bigger game. It can be played in 1GB RAM android phone too. Its easy to use and have 3D graphics with 3D audio.

 Garena free fire is now the favourite game for many people around the world and specially for teenage and kids. Though the game is not for kids , but now a days many kids are playing the game and geting addicted towards the game.

Pros of Free fire:

* Smaller in size.

* Can be played in low end mobiles.

* In app purchases are not too high.

* Can be played in 3G network also.

* Game time is less.

* Various maps and also have Team Death match.

*Customizable control and sensitivity.

Cons of Garena Free Fire:

* The game doesn’t have full HD display.

* Graphics is not realistic.

* Doesn’t not have footprints of enemies in mini map like other games.

Conclusion: Garena Free Fire is a perfect game for you if you have a low end device or slow internet connection. You should give it a try . During this lockdown, you can spend your time playing the game.

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4. Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans top 5 android games 2020 sara axom

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer battle game. In this game you can desaign your own village. You have to attack other players village to earn gold coins and elixirs and by using these gold coins and elixirs to Buy new weapons , walls , army, and many more decorator . You have to make your village stronger to protect it from other players attack. You will lose your earned coins if enimies attacked and loots your village. You have to use your builder’s to upgrade or build a new architecture . you can play this game in any android or iOS mobile phone.

Pros of COC Mobile game:

* Easy to play

* Easy tutorials

* play anytime , anywhere

* Can be played in 2G network Speed also.

Cons Of COC Game:

* 2D graphics  only

* Can’t talk/chat with your enemy

Conclusion: This game was once a very popular game among the young boys & girls. After the realese of PUBG mobile and other battle royale games, this game lost its popularity . But still this game also have a huge user base and active players . Clash of clans game have more than 500M+ download from google playstore only. You can give it a try , this is a very interesting game . I personally Play the game to spend my free times.

5.  Legends of Runeterra

Legends Of RuneTerra top 5 android games 2020 sara axom

Legends of Runeterra is developed by a American video game developer company named Riot Games. It is recently realesed on 29th April,2020 for Android , iOS, and also for Microsoft Windows. This is also a very adictive game . Yiu should give a try to the game , I am sure you will get emotionally attached with the game after playing somedays. I am already adicted towards the game . I have tried the game for 7 Days and now I am writing this review about this game .

Pros of Legends of Runeterra:

* Minimal in Size.

* Easy to use UI

* Low price in app purchases 

* Not a chinese app

Cons of Legends of Runeterra:

* You can’t talk or chat with others.

* Not full HD graphics 

* Too many bugs

Conclusion: I generally Use these apps for at least 1 Week before writing a review of the app. I check tons of apps and shortlist from them for best 5 list. For top 5 androids game 2020 shortlist , I have used many apps . If you want to know about all the apps leave a comment bellow and subscribe to our news feed for latest post information . 

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