Top 5 Online Dating Apps in India || Best Dating Apps Quora

Top 5 Online Dating Apps in India

   Hellow friends , thanks for visiting . Hope you are doing well . Today I am going to share something about Top 5 online dating apps in India. Read the pros and cons of these 5 Dating Apps . You should know before using these dating apps .

Top 5 Online dating Apps in India

  1.  Tinder 
  2.  Happn
  3.  OkCupid
  4.  Tantan
  5.  Bumble

Best dating apps in India quora:

   Here are the top 5 Online dating apps that you can use to find out new friends / partners.

1. Tinder 

Top 5 Online Dating Apps in India || Best Dating Apps Quora

What is tinder ?

  Tinder is a popular and best dating app in india that you can use to find out more new friends. Tinder is used by a large number of people who trying to find online dating partner. You can select your choice by swiping right or swiping left . 

Is tinder free ?

  The free version of tinder gives you a limite to swipe and you can only find out the singles in your locality only. If you use the tinder premium membership , it will take you to the next level of online dating experience.

Pros of tinder:

  • Find plenty of options to choose partner.

  • You can make your own choose (like or dislike).

  • You may be matched with your real life crush.

  • Tinder is for multipurpose.(man, women, and LGBTQ member can it.)

 Cons of Tinder:

  • Your privacy may be at Risk.

  • You can’t undo swipes once done.

  • There are chances you may get catfished.

2. Happn 

Top 5 Online Dating Apps in India || Best Dating Apps Quora

What is Happn app ?

  Happn is a online dating app that is used by a large number of people. Happn is one of the best dating apps in india quora. Happn has a unique match-making algorithm that helps to find out people you have crossed in the path. If you and your opponent partner likes each other , it will be a match in happn app.

  If you liked someone from your previous match , you can check it in your app whether the opponent liked you back or not.

Pros of Happn:

  • Scammers are not allowed to make account.

  • Bots can’t even make account.

  • Connecting with others is easy.

  • Change encounters feel possible again. 

Cons of Happn:

  • Proximity is restricted.

  • Village or small town may run out of matches.

  • Best for crowded cities only.

  • Your privacy may be at Risk.

3. OkCupid

Top 5 Online Dating Apps in India || Best Dating Apps Quora

What is OkCupid ?

   If you are searching in the web for dating sites or apps , we may have heard about the app OkCupid . Its famous for their outstanding advertisement around the Web. It has a unique match-making algorithm from other apps . Its match making works on the basis of some common questions answered by the both users. Users can check their matching score and go for their matching and chat with each other.

 Pros of OkCupid:

  • OkCupid has a easy user interface which allows their users to create their profile based on their interests.

  • OkCupid has a easy & Simple messaging interface.

  • OkCupid has a virtual dating feature.

 Cons of OkCupid:

  • OkCupid app doesn’t have a large number of users registered like other dating apps.

  • There are many fake account and they can mislead you.

  • Your privacy is not safe.

 4. Tantan

Top 5 Online Dating Apps in India || Best Dating Apps Quora

What is tantan ?

  You might have heard about Tantan or may have watched many ads of Tantan . Its developed by a group of Chinese Developer. The user interface of Tantan is similar to tinder .

Pros of Tantan:

  • It has a option to not show your data and helps in your privacy.

  • There is a feature called break the ice that gives a series of questions that is used to understand your crush better.


Cons of Tantan:

  • Its a Chinese app and your personal data may be shared with Chinese govt.

  • Its UI is copied from Tinder.

  • It haven’t a large users database.

 5. Bumble

Top 5 Online Dating Apps in India || Best Dating Apps Quora

What is Bumble ?

   Bumble is another best dating apps in India. In this app , women can only start the chat conversation after being matched. For the LGBTQ member , anyone can start the chat conversation after being matched in the app. It has some simple rules to make the app safe and friendly for all the users.

Pros of Bumble:

  • Women can make the first move to start conversation.

  • There are almost equal percentage of gender .

  • It can be used to find out friends , partners and even for networking.

 Cons of Bumble:

  •  Men can’t start conversations

  • You have to make the match permanent within 24 hours of being matched.

FAQs about Dating apps :

I. Is dating apps legal in India ?

Ans: Yes , Dating apps have no restrictions in India , user’s can use the Dating apps thei prefer . Dating apps and dating is legal in India if both of you are 18+ in age.

II. Which is the Best app for dating ?

Ans: From my personal opinion , I will recommend you to use Tinder and Happn. These two has a large number of users and you can get variety of match.

III. Are there any free dating apps in india ?

Ans: Now a days , there are too many dating apps that will help you to find out your partner and some of these are partially free . I think there is no dating apps which are 100% free of cost. You can use all their features after you make a payment of some money. However , Happn , Bumble and OkCupid offers some features which can be used for free .

IV. What are the few tips for using the best dating app ?


  1. Be honest

  2. Choose your dating sites in India wisely.

  3. Be straight-forward

  4. Be open minded

  5. Keep the conversation short and simple.

  6. Video call before you meet.

  7. Choose a Photo of yourself and put it in your Display Picture(DP).

Conclusion:I hope these information can help you to figure out the best dating apps in India quora and you can go forward to start dating online . My best wishes are always with you . Best of luck for your future.

  If you have any questions, you can comment below , we will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a good day 😘😘😘.

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